WHY the Mason Pearson Popular Brush indeed Popular?

Mason pearson

Research shows hairbrushes of Mason Pearson are not mass produced nor standardized. Most of the undertaking are carried out by hand in a pioneered and patented manner by the founder. It has been over a century and 3 decades ago since Mason Pearson brushes had became popular and getting better generation per generation. Made in England.

Mason pearson
I have a long thick hair, my hair grows so fast and it tangles up in my sleep. It snags and mixes up in my old cheap brush then this Popular Brush butt-in and ever since became my bestfriend. My favorite brush creates impressive and fancy, soft hair that easier to manage. It’s fine boar bristles and nylon tufts truly helps spreading sebum oil evenly to every strand of my hair. I feel the sting in my scalp in a very nice way, no irritation at all, my split ends are long gone. I feel like a beauty savvy and I am making sure to always clean it using the brush cleaner to remove hair that are captured in the brush and a little moist sponge with soap and ample amount of alcohol to avoid unpleasant odor.

Mason Pearson Popular brush aren’t cheap. It is ridiculously expensive, but it’s quality aren’t ridiculous at all. I bet it’s good for all hairtypes too. It keeps my hair and my sister’s and mom’s hair feeling just like we just stepped out of salon. YES! My mom and sis already purchased one.

If you are tempted to treat thyself to a Mason Pearson Popular brush soon, or other brushes that suits your hair. BrushExpress.com does have a “CHOOSING A HAIRBRUSH” section to help you figure what’s best for you.Mason pearson