Is Pluggle Scam?


If you ever wonder what is pluggle, pluggle is a affiliate marketing company that has been operating since 2012 in Malaysia and has expanded to Philippines last April.

The Program  catches thousands of eyes of Pilipino masses because of its cheapness.

Although Plugger has just recently launched. There are countless of Pluggle Review Sites that is circulating around the web.

Currently they are offering 3 ways to benefit the program.

The answer is that it is not scam and lot of people are already benefiting from the program.

Benefits of Joining

Joined Member will benefit the 12 day daily bonus which totals of 1200 Philippine Peso

These can be easily claimed by logging in daily for 12 consecutive days.

Activation of Account

The Program isn’t free and is required user to maximize the earning potential of the site. Upon successfully activating the account. User will be able to get Group Login Bonus and Pair Bonus which is really the key feature of the program.

How much I can earn from the Program?

12 Consecutive Login = 1200 Pesos

Group Bonus Login = 60 to 40 pesos depending on level up downline

Pair Bonus = 400 pesos for every success pair from left and right


No, Its not free and has a fee of 1000 pesos per entry.

although it isn’t free i think that since it is small amount it sounds really sexy.

Is it profitable?

Yes, I have saw countless of people who managed to get good amount of money from the program alone.


The given program is actually registered in as Pluggle Inc

Here is a short video of pluggle from Youtube