Rated K Features Buah Merah Mix Juice

Buah Merah Mix Banner from Rated K

Buah Merah Mix was recently featured on Rated K by Korina Sanchez (a tv show from Philippines). In a special on the color red, Buah Merah Mix was the juice chosen to represent the color red due to a miraculous story that comes from the province of Agusan del Sur, a town that has been plagued by a chronic disease for the past fifty years.

Schistosomiasis, or sisto as it is known locally, is an illness that comes from parasites. The flatworm organisms that cause it flourish in snails that are found in stagnant water, such as those found in the many ponds and canals in Agusan del Sur. The irrigation that was done in the 1950s did help the agriculture of the region, but the stagnant water caused by all the irrigation ended up becoming a breeding place for the worms that cause Schistosomiasis.

Unfortunately these ponds are used by the locals for washing clothes, bathing, and even urination. The more contact one has with the water, the higher the chance of getting infected by the disease. The illness has caused the enlarging of the bellies of the local citizens, caused by the worms nesting in their stomaches, where they can grow and laying eggs in your nervous system, which block your stomach, liver and even your brain. This illness causes fatigue, headaches, and can cause death if left untreated.

The disease can easily be treated in the early stages with medicine like praziquantel, which is used specifically to treat parasitic worm infections. However, there is a shortage of the medicine in the country, as it is expensive and not readily available. The residents of Agusan del Sur are hardly in a position to benefit from it.
As a result, the government put together a team of specialists was to study and solve the problem, and with them they brought the Red Juice that was made locally in the Philippines. The Red Juice contains a mix of 30 different ingredients, but the main active ingredient which gives it its distinctive red color is Buah Merah.
To see the efficacy of the Buah Merah Mix, the stomachs of the afflicted were measured, and the juice administered. After a week, their stomachs showed visible reduction in size, and the eggs that were in their system were expelled. Each person lost between 4cm to 16cm in birth.

Muah Berah Mix is also very effective in cleansing the colon and stomach. A lot of illnesses including cardiac disease, diabetes and cancer have a dirty stomach and colon as risk factors. Cleaning your colon is a very effective means of suppressing these risk factors. This also has the benefit of helping your body absorb nutrients. A clean colon has more surface area to absorb nutrients that you eat. The mix also lowers blood sugar, burns fats, and has many nutrients to help keep your body healthy.

Buah Merah Mix Discoverer

Buah Merah was discovered by a Japanese chemist, Dr. Nishigaki, who noticed the high beta carotene content of the fruit, which he likened to a gigantic carrot. Dr. Nishigaki was the colleague of Jocelyn Alcasabas, who eventually brought the juice to the Philippines. The mix was created with a combination of various super foods such as pineapples, grapes and apples, garlic, tomatoes, ampalaya, onions, garlic, mangosteen, guyabano, barley and wheat grass.

This mix is one of the healthiest things you can drink, and it’s available locally in the Philippines today. You can order your own bottle of Buah Merah mix and start a healthier lifestyle today.